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 SHA ▬ choose your fate.

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Isaïe N. Scylence

Isaïe N. Scylence

SHA ▬ choose your fate. #Mer 11 Jan - 18:55

‘‘ Ton sort dépendra des phrases que tu emploieras. ’’



▬ 61 rps réalisés

{www} there's a shadow hanging over me.
{www} a midsummer nightmare
{www} once in a blue moon.
{www} all our prayers seem to fail.
{www} cours n.1 de sacm.
{www} the junki and the sociopath.
{www} cours n.1 de botanique.
{www} bienvenue à poudlard.
{www} can you bleed like me?
{www} i hope you did not forget.
{www} lettre à misha.
{www} correspondance de ella et kirill.
{www} un collier pour cerbère.
{www} keep me safe inside your arms.
{www} terminus, je descends tout le monde.
{www} liberate me ex inferis.
{www} lettre à kheeva et lheena straniera.
{www} it stings like a needle in me, need you like...
{www} when anger rises, think of the consequences.
{www} l'amour est un tyran.
{www} end of silence. on my own.
{www} time is running out for you.
{www} cours n.1 de sortilèges.
{www} this is it.
{www} your feelings, i can't help but rape them.
{www} somewhere in ireland.
{www} remember me whenever roses start to bleed...
{www} il n'y a pas de problème sans solution.
{www} correspondance des jumelles.
{www} cours n.1 de métamorphose.
{www} a long kiss goodnight.
{www} cours n.1 de dcfm.
{www} trick or treat?
{www} l'appel du sang.
{www} unforgivable.
{www} dans la réserve. recherche poussée.
{www} i have a weakness for you.
{www} cours n.1 de potion.
{www} odalisque.
{www} comme un livre ouvert.
{www} la nuit tous les chats sont gris.
{www} cours n.2 de métamorphose.
{www} going under.
{www} i'm home again.
{www} correspondance des jumelles.
{www} le tombeau.
{www} you oughta know.
{www} i'd give anything to be with you.
{www} conférence nocturne et croissant de lune.
{www} entretiens avec un... lycan.
{www} le vent tourne.
{www} correspondance elladora et kirill.
{www} like a shadow.
{www} shame on you, he said.
{www} i'll screw it up every one year.
{www} don't stop me now. because i'm having such a good time.
{www} cours n.1 de sortilèges.
{www} le miroir.
{www} grab rear.
{www} tout feu, tout flamme!
{www} my cat wasn't really... a cat.



▬ 92 rps réalisés

{www} and thou shall know my name.
{www} cours n.2 de sortilèges.
{www} oh non ! pas encore. il faut que je te donne un cour.
{www} this could be anywhere in the world.
{www} god, don't you know that i live with tones of regrets?
{www} a chistmas carol.
{www} the fall of mika'il.
{www} someday, someone will be here for you.
{www} deadline.
{www} i'll never be the same.
{www} nyíregyháza, hongrie.
{www} across the moutains, we will go home.
{www} come home.
{www} losing my religion...
{www} adults are scary.
{www} cours n.2 de métamorphose.
{www} cours de sortilèges.
{www} cours n.2 de dcfm.
{www} if you feel like infection.
{www} you can hit me harder, i loooove it, darling!
{www} the cold night.
{www} show me the true story of your name.
{www} même la pensée d'une fourmi peut toucher le ciel.
{www} lux æterna luceat agnus dei, domine.
{www} angelus a divinis.
{www} match poufsouffle contre gryffondor.
{www} this is not a game, don't think i'm kidding.
{www} breathe me tender.
{www} you'll be surprised, little girl.
{www} le bal d'avril.
{www} your little piece of heaven turned too dark.
{www} night of the hunter.
{www} there is no escape you're dead!
{www} this war is for them, for our sons.
{www} l'ordre de mes priorités.
{www} i don't know who i am.
{www} et bien on va attendre...
{www} the rules of attraction.
{www} seems to be the hardest words.
{www} don't kiss me now, you'll catch my death.
{www} les neiges d'antan.
{www} let me tell you why.
{www} one more god damn day.
{www} that's you and me.
{www} cours n.3 de dcfm.
{www} buddha... for izaak.
{www} i don't need a reason to hate you the way i do.
{www} if i had you.
{www} escape the fate, feel the infinity.
{www} here just to watch the stars ?
{www} ressemble à l'innocente fleur, mais sois le serpent qui s'y cache.
{www} i watch myself bleed everyday.
{www} one last time before we part...
{www} stormy night.
{www} rising with the morning sun.
{www} ...puisque la fin précède toute naissance.
{www} we never wanted all this.
{www} flesh is flesh, heart is an another thing.
{www} cours de sortilèges.
{www} cours de sortilèges.
{www} who's the fukin' villain?
{www} i see the world we can make.
{www} new blood.
{www} i'm not ashamed anymore.
{www} he's here to help.
{www} match de quidditch serdaigle contre serpentard.
{www} breaking the habit.
{www} correspondance de matt et adonis.
{www} everything looks better when the sun goes down.
{www} friendship, blood & betrayal.
{www} c'est une offre que vous ne pouvez refuser.
{www} gonna make me wanna die.
{www} examen de sortilèges : aspics.
{www} newborn.
{www} i need a superhero right now...
{www} sans-titre.
{www} not myself tonight.
{www} love is a delicate poison, drink it on my lips.
{www} si tu arrives à t'inscrire, t'as tout gagné... enfin il paraît.
{www} eat me, drink me.
{www} kiki, ça fait loup-garou végétarien....
{www} tout s'efface et la roue tourne.
{www} bring the boys back home.
{www} strangers in a strange land.
{www} sun burns.
{www} in the sky, there is no distinction.
{www} que tu trembles un peu moins que toi.
{www} now i'm that bitch.
{www} you owe me a hundred of things.
{www} de ton poison fait le remède à la folie.
{www} portrait of an eligible family.
{www} all the pain you can stand, I can give you.



▬ 53 rps réalisés

{www} the prayers of the naive, the lie that you believe.
{www} and justice for all (I).
{www} and justice for all (II).
{www} it a hard part but the true love way.
{www} she kicks ass!
{www} beast, there is evil in my head.
{www} in our veins the same blake blood.
{www} vous ne savez pas y faire...
{www} far beyond the forbidden flurries of disarray.
{www} pourquoi les blondes ne savent-elles pas faire des glaçons ?
{www} deux magnifica.
{www} she's dead, and i'm not. so look at me.
{www} jealousy, terror, and love.
{www} bad acid trip.
{www} tout roule !
{www} everyone iwll know you belong to me.
{www} look at yours errors.
{www} oranges are not the only fruit.
{www} and she was waiting to fall.
{www} two black souls meet here.
{www} you give love a bad name.
{www} unwanted chains.
{www} baby did a bad thing.
{www} love the way you lie.
{www} must be a joke.
{www} got an angel in the lobby.
{www} deux magnifica.
{www} premiers pas chydermiques.
{www} because we always lost what we don't deserve.
{www} i'm into fire.
{www} a new beginning.
{www} no easy way out from black & dark magic.
{www} quoi faire maintenant ?
{www} set me free just put your hands on me.
{www} i see trees of green and red roses too.
{www} vert le feuillage, rouge est le sang.
{www} le journal d'un fou.
{www} go back home.
{www} love is a dog from hell.
{www} une idée fixe aboutit à la folie ou à l'héroïsme.
{www} say your prayers and stomp it out.
{www} les voyages forment la jeunesse.
{www} on a thread of fire.
{www} and the ancient warriors.
{www} let it all burn.
{www} la vie est une fleur. l'amour en est le miel.
{www} it's two years now.
{www} wear your scars with pride.
{www} guess who's living here with the great undead.
{www} des dunes aux paddocks.
{www} let our actions begin !
{www} le vendeur de rêve.
{www} ten thousand fists.

* tous les rps ici ne sont pas forcément finis, parfois abandonnés et/ou avortés. ils ne sont pas non plus rangés dans l'ordre chronologique.

Voir le profil de l'utilisateur

Isaïe N. Scylence

Isaïe N. Scylence

SHA ▬ choose your fate. #Mer 11 Jan - 18:59

‘‘ Personne ne peut retenir l'avenir. ’’

‘‘ Isaïe Noah, Scylence

‘‘ Cezare Lancelot, Blake

‘‘ Etàn Huyana, Hemmington

‘‘ Symphony Aubade, Grey

‘‘ Matt Aindreas, Hemmington

▬ rp en cours : 10/10

‘‘ up to no good.
▬ &luke, en cours.

‘‘ don't push me 'cause i'm close to the edge
▬ &milo, en cours.

‘‘ The tell tale heart digger.
▬ défi.

‘‘ Introduction aux A.S.P.I.Cs.
▬ &cours.

‘‘ La mort à minuit joue un air de danse.
▬ &lukas, en cours

‘‘ Without you.
▬ &arielle, en cours

‘‘ Momification - De l’usage des bandelettes en magie noire.
▬ &cours, en cours

‘‘ Métamorphose - Résumé et fin des vacances.
▬ &cours, en cours

‘‘ The not so beautiful people.
▬ &Ash &Calixte, en cours

‘‘ Rememberance of a golden aeon.
▬ &Grey's &McSwann's


SHA ▬ choose your fate.

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